The Ultimate Medical Vacation Destination: Mexico

The Ultimate Medical Vacation Destination: Mexico

A rapidly growing industry, medical tourism is where people make a trip to a foreign country to avail medical, surgical or dental services and procedures for a number of reasons. Saving money, shorter waiting periods, easy accessibility to highly qualified and certified specialists, advanced equipment and procedures are some reasons to name a few.

Also known as medical travel, health tourism and medical outsourcing, they all describe the concept of travelling to another country for health and medical care due to either bad or very expensive medical facilities back home. More and more people are turning to medical tourism because it’s a safe, viable and affordable option that also delivers quality service compared to their current situation.

The Medical Tourism Industry in Mexico

An increasing number of baby boomers are taking advantage of the incredibly low cost if medical and dental procedures and other prescription drugs in Mexico, which is why the country has quickly made itself the reputation of the deliverer of quality medical care at a very affordable cost. Those who utilize medical and dental services and procedures in Mexico are steadily growing day by day due to obvious reasons.

The main reason perhaps of people travelling to Mexico to avail health and medical services is because of the health care crises in the USA, because of which medical tourism in the country is one of the fastest growing industries. Of course, the availability of the best quality service and affordable medical care is also a factor for this trend.

Make Mexico your next medical vacation destination

There is no one reason why patients from America or Canada travel all the way to Mexico for their medical treatment and procedures. The availability of excellent medical care from certified and experienced doctors and other medical professionals at a fraction of the cost which they would have had to pay in their home is a major reason why this phenomenon is growing steadily.

Board-certified medical specialists

Some of the most highly trained and experience health care professionals can be found in the Western Hemisphere of Mexico, especially in cities such as Tijuana, Cancun, Mexico City etc. Not only are the doctors and surgeons experienced in their fields but also accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and provide treatments in various fields such as obesity surgery, cancer treatments, orthopedics, dental care, cosmetic and plastic surgeries and stem cell technology using the most advanced facilities and equipment.

Low prescription drug costs

In Mexico, cost for prescription drugs is lower than in the USA. A retiree for example can pay about 50% to 70% less for prescriptions drugs in the country. In spite of that, the quality of medicines available in pharmacies comes well up to match with that of the USA, and usage of drug products manufactured by familiar and big international drug companies is common.  So, in effect buying prescription medicine is as safe in Mexico, as it’s in your hometown.

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