The Best Healthcare Institutions to Be Found in Mexico

The Best Healthcare Institutions to Be Found in Mexico

Medical tourism has been steadily increasing in Mexico for a few years now, and patients come from all over the world to avail the best healthcare services and procedures that the country has to offer. For first time travelers however, wading through all the options available in the guise of hospitals and clinics is not so easy because how can one know which is the best?

The best route that foreign patients can take is to hire a medical tourism facilitator who will help them every step of their medical vacation. For those who like to find their own way however, the easiest way to start your search for the best hospitals and clinics to be found in Mexico according to the procedure they want done is by first checking and noting the private hospitals that are certified by the JCI. This is a USA based organization whose job is to evaluate medical facilities.

The fact of the matter is that many hospitals that provide excellent medical services in Mexico don’t even think of getting themselves accredited for various reasons. Due to this it is extremely hard for patients to compose a list of hospitals that are excellent and accredited as well.

Nevertheless, following are some of the top hospitals to be found in Mexico.

Hospital CIMA Hermosillo

This hospital is one of the highest rated and JCI accredited medical institution in the country. The place is run by the most skilled staff of doctors and surgeons, and uses advanced technology and equipment which one would expect in countries such as China or America.

Hospital CIMA Monterrey

This medical institution is just 90 minutes away from Texas by air and is considered one of the most renowned hospitals. Moreover, the hospital is accredited by the JCI and is managed by an American group and interests. The institution boasts some excellent affiliations such as with the Mayo Clinic, the Children’s Hospital Boston etc.

Hospital Angeles

Situated in Tijuana, this is another excellent medical institution that uses state of the art technology and equipment, and has in their arsenal doctors and surgeons with the highest expertise in different medical fields. Just 25 minutes away from the San Diego airport in California, medical tourists will be sure to get the best treatments and procedures all for an attractive price.

Hospital Star Medica

This is yet another reputed hospital and is located in Ciudad Juarez. The hospital is owned by a private group that runs 8 other hospitals. The hospital us just within 20 minutes of El Paso and is one of the most popular medical tourist destinations.

Hospital Angeles

Located in Ciudad Juarez, the hospital was specifically built to serve medical tourists that came from countries such as USA and Canada, and from other parts of the world. The hospital has over the years established a name for itself and caters to all patient needs.

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