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Why My Medical Vacations is Your Best Choice for Medical Tourism

Do you need to escape from the shooting health care costs? Maybe you should take something called a “medical vacation”. An estimation of about five hundred thousand of Americans is going to take a “medical vacation” this year because they either can’t afford to undergo the treatments they need in their country or prefer to save money in this way or for their future plans.

There’s even one medical tourism agency called My Medical Vacations that offers a special service that arranges for American doctors to travel with patients overseas to perform surgeries and then handle follow-up care back home.

Why choose My Medical Vacations?

Because My Medical Vacations provide people from all over the world the widest range of countries from where they can appoint a doctor for themselves including USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico and many more for all of the medical situations and procedures including dentistry, surgery, operation, therapy, of all types. 

My Medical Vacation claims that, even with its top-tier service, you can still save a ton of money.

For example, a heart valve replacement in Cancun with a foreign doctor will cost you about $11,000. That includes the doctor’s malpractice insurance as well as the tickets and hotel for both you and the doctor. In the U.S, that same surgery would cost you about $55,000 and you wouldn’t get a vacation from it.

Or if by any chance you got a vacation out of it then it would be to Baltimore, Rochester, Minn, or something other less than the exciting vacations. 

Safety First

If you’re thinking about this option, there are a number of things to consider. After cost, the most important aspect of traveling to a foreign country is safe for a medical procedure.

You have to find a hospital or a medical facility that has a highly trained staff and the types of equipment to handle situations that could go wrong during or after a medical procedure which is provided by My Medical Vacations.

One way to do this is to determine that the facility has been certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI), a wing of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

A list of accredited facilities is available on the group’s website —

Different destinations seem to specialize in different treatments. Costa Rica is well known for dentistry while Brazil is famous for plastic surgery.

Cancun has a number of hospitals that cater to international patients.

On the Bookshelf

There are a number of books on medical tourism including “The Complete Medical Tourist” by David Hancock and “Patients Beyond Borders: Everybody’s Guide to Affordable, World-class Medical Tourism” by Josef Woodman.

Woodman says “the primary thing to consider is that the trip is more about your health and well-being than it is about travel.” He uses the term “International Medical Travel” because “if you’re going for a surgery you will not have a vacation on your mind”.

So if you ever find yourself wanting to travel along with surgery, a “medical vacation” may be the solution from My Medical Vacations.

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