Medical Tourism - Safety is a Concern for International Patients

Medical Tourism – Safety is a Concern for International Patients

Traditionally, medical tourism was only limited to the patients in the less developed countries who travelled to the developed countries like the US and Europe to get the highest quality medical treatments. But things are different now! Today, the ‘medical tourism’ phenomenon has evolved completely.

Now we see patients even from the developed countries travelling overseas, across international borders in search of quality medical treatment. According to the survey of healthcare consumers conducted by Deloitte in 2007, it was estimated that 75,000 Americans travelled abroad for medical treatments. And ever since 2007 the outbound medical tourism has always been higher than the inbound medical tourism in the US.

Furthermore, according to various other US based studies, the most sought after destination among American outbound medical tourist is Mexico.

Medical Tourism- Mexico

Though Mexico is not a developed country, but it surely has top notch medical care facilities which attracts millions of medical tourists from all over the world including medical tourists from developed countries like the US, Europe and Australia.

Along with offering the highest quality medical treatments including treatments like bariatric surgery, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry, the cost of the treatment is almost half the price. If the US dollar is kept as the benchmark, medical tourists in Mexico can save 40 to 70% on their medical bill.

Safety Measures for International Patients

No doubt, cost savings are massive in Mexico but so are they in Korea and India. This brings us down to a value adding factor that has given a big boost to medical tourism in Mexico. This is the world-class safety measures for international patients. Safety is a big question mark for international patients especially for those travelling from developed countries. They want to know if the medical tour destination offers adequate safety measures for international patients or not? Because at the end of the day nobody wants to risk their lives in the quest of just saving money!

Talking about safety measures for international patients, Mexico undoubtedly has an edge over other medical tour destinations. Here’s why:

    • Accredited Hospitals

Mexico has over 7 hospitals accredited by The International Joint Commission (IJC) and over 96 hospitals certified by the National Ministry of Health for delivering quality medical treatments along with meeting the highest standards of medical safety and care.

Accreditations and Certifications from quality management bodies like IJC, NMH and ISO confirms that the hospitals in Mexico are at par with the international medical standards.

    • Highly Qualified and Certified Doctors

Hospitals in Mexico are run by highly qualified and certified doctors who have years of experience, comprehensive knowledge and expertise. So, when it comes to safety, you know that you are in the hands of an experienced and a qualified doctor not an amateur. Before proceeding with the medical treatment, the certified doctors in Mexico carry out a proper examination of the patient, explain every detail of the medical procedure and clear any doubts or worries in the mind of the patient especially concerning safety. This shows that the doctors are knowledgeable and confident so patients dont have to worry whether the treatment will be successfully carried or not!

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