Medical Tourism in Mexico - Language is Not a Barrier

Medical Tourism in Mexico – Language is Not a Barrier

The 30% increase in global medical tourism each year has contributed significantly to the economies of various countries offering high quality and cost effective medical care including Mexico too. Currently, Mexico is one of the top favorite destinations for medical tourism in the world. Millions of people from the US, Europe and Australia travel to Mexico on medical visa to access quality medical treatments which are super expensive back home.

Mexico- The Market Leader in Medical Tourism

According to various studies, Mexico has been recognized as the market leader in medical tourism. There are several reasons for Mexico taking the lead in medical tourism. Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons:

    • Delivers Perfect Combination of a Holistic Health Care Procedures and Quality Vacation

Though there are many destinations where you can go for a medical treatment but the reason why Mexico is a favorite of millions among all of the other destinations is that it is a beautiful country that welcomes tourists to rejoice on the crystal clear beaches and indulge in mouthwatering Mexican cuisine, travel to exotic landscapes and explore famous landmarks. In addition to this, here tourists can access to a wide range of quality healthcare procedures at cost effective prices.

    • Bilingual Assistance in Destination

Language is often a barrier for medical tourists. Though you can find a variety of people speaking English on the streets but when it comes to hospitals, language can be a hurdle. For bilingual assistance in destination you have to find a person who speaks your native language and then translates that in the language of the country you are going on the medical tour. This is frustrating for many.

However, in Mexico bilingual assistance in destination is not a problem. There are several hospitals across Mexico including hospitals in Cancun where you can find multi-lingual staff. So, whether you are from the US, Canada, France, Italy, Germany or UK, you can find access to multi-lingual staff to coordinate and facilitate you so that you get the best of treatment with utmost satisfaction and care.

When you come to Mexico on medical tour, some hospitals provide you access to 24/7 multi-lingual staff. Upon your arrival the staff takes you to the hotel and assists you 24 hours a day at every stage of the day.

Cost Savings

Mexico boosts a large number of American accredited hospitals that offer a variety of medical treatments including bariatric surgery, neck surgery, pediatric care, plastic surgery, oncology, cosmetic surgery, dentistry and neurosurgery. You can enjoy all these medical treatments in Mexico at cost effective prices. Keeping US dollar as a benchmark, you can save up to 40 to 70% on various medical treatments in Mexico. For example bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) in the US costs around $25,000 whereas you can get the same surgery of the highest quality from qualified doctors at a slashing price of only $6000.

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