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FDA Approved Artificial Joints in Mexico

Food and Drug administration is a federal agency  responsible  for ensuring  that foods are safe, wholesome and some sanitary, human and vanitary drugs, biological products, and medical devices are safe and effective; cosmetic are safe; and electronic devices that emit radiation are safe. FDA also ensure that these, products are accurately, honestly represented to public.



Medical devices



Radiation emitting electronic devices

Vertinary Products

As nowadays the  joint pain is most common problem in the people, due to any injury, fracture,, athletes or oldage,resulting into difficulty in walking  , that makes people doing everyday activities difficult, so as a result  cartilage wear out and become damage, aarthritis develops, If there is a pain and resulting into deformity than arthritis becomes more severe, so many joint replacement should be occur by metallic and plastic device, Known as artificial  joints that can be wear out and use.

Artificial  joints  are a metallic or plastic part  that is surgically implant to replace  the  natural broken joint (possibly elbow or wrist  but usually knee and hip).

The FDA announced, in September 2019, a paper on biological responses to metal implants. This paper present FDA’s review of currently available scientific information related to metals and their use in medical implants. The paper focuses on how  metals materials are impacted by a physiological environment expected and potential toxicological and immune system response to the metal associate with a implant, as well as subsequent clinically manifestation. Just as importantly, this paper identifies where gap and opportunities for further research  exist in  the current scientific evidence related to immunological response to metal containing  implants

Mexico is the one of the most established and desired destination for joint replacement surgery particular hip( that are the important pillars of our body) The benefits of doing this procedure in Mexico is  including affordable prices, a better procedure, body stability, including warm weather to help you recuperate amazing staff and doctors, low surgical risk during replacement  or removal ,infection or implant will meet your every need. Furthermore you get improve mobility, hip pain relief and overall improved quality of  life.

The Mexican medical devices manufactures’s biocompability  show that the materials they plan to use in their devices can safely be implanted in the human body. The data includes test results from engineering, bench, design verification, human factors and animal testing and clinical studies, physical and chemical characteristic of device materials and the nature, degree ,frequency, and duration of device to the body, engineering test is rotinely done to evalucate the potential for metalic wear  and corrision of especfic devices through different possible mechanisms.