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Medical Tourism in Mexico

The upward surge in medical costs across the globe has urged many patients to search for destinations where they can get quality healthcare at a fairly low price as compared to the cost they would likely to incur in their hometown. And because of this, there has been a phenomenal growth in medical tourism.

Talking of medical tourism, Mexico has emerged as one of the top destinations for medical tourism.  In fact, it is currently among the top ten world renowned destinations to be visited by travelers for medical purposes. For over 20 years, quality and cost-effective medical and health care facilities across Mexico has been a special reason for millions of visitors from Europe, South America, USA, Canada and other parts of the globe to travel here.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Did you know that Mexico has more than a dozen destinations that specialize in medical tourism? The IJC (International Joint Commission) has accredited 7 hospitals in Mexico for quality medical tourism services and the Federal Ministry of Health (FMH) has provided certification for 105 hospitals, out of which 98 are at par with the international medical standards.

Factors That Have Propelled the Rapid-Growth of Medical Tourism in Mexico

Here are more reasons for the rise in medical tourism in Mexico:

    • Relentless Efforts to Deliver the Highest Quality of Medical Care Services

Mexico’s Ministry of Health has been working relentlessly to standardize and certify hospitals and medical facilities to meet international medical standards and practices. The country promotes high quality medical standards to ensure patient safety.  This has contributed significantly to the increase in medical tourism in Mexico.

    • State of the Art Medical Technology and Quality Experts

Mexico has the most advanced and state of the art medical technology and experienced medical experts. The Mexican medical professionals have the skills and the knowledge to use the latest technology to its full advantage to deliver the patients unbeatable medical services including quality diagnosis, surgical operations and therapies. The doctors are highly qualified and nursing staff is friendly and extremely caring.

    • Service, Hospitality and Care

Patients who have visited Mexico for medical reasons have appreciated and highly recommended the high service level found and delivered with warmth and care by Mexican doctors, nursing staff and travel service providers. Quality service, hospitality and unprecedented care to travelers and patients on medical tourism have earned many institutions and medical providers accreditations by ISO.

    • High Quality Medical Services at Low Cost

According to several international comparative cost studies, medical treatments and surgical operations performed in Mexico cost approximately 60 to 80 percent  lower than in the US and UK. These include dental surgeries, rehabilitation, ophthalmological and orthopedic treatments.
Whether it’s a medical checkup, specialized surgery or the recovery process, travelers on medical tour to Mexico are monitored with warmth and care. The professionalism of medical service provided by hospitals and medical facilities in Mexico is unbeatable and during the entire trip the staff makes sure that the traveler is provided all the necessary care and attention to make the travelers stay comfortable and ensure total recovery.

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