Sally Craft

Full Face Lift, USA

What is it that you want most when you land in Cancun for surgery?  You want to feel SAFE!  And that’s exactly how I felt throughout my time there in beautiful, sunny Cancun.  Safe knowing that the MMV team has your itinerary memorized, safe that you’ll be exactly where you’re supposed to be exactly when you’re supposed to be there, safe that your lodging and transportation needs are met, safe that they are a phone call away, 24 hours a day.

My team, Betty, Alessa, Andres, and of course, Ana, never faltered, never failed to deliver.  “I need food!!!”…  Let’s hit Walmart.   “I need money!!  ….  Let me show you how to do the ATM!   “I need to SHOP!! (that will come a little later in your trip  LOL)”…  Let me drive you to the mall and flea markets!

The testing…  everything from top to bottom will be inspected, analyzed, scrutinized, and then discussed with you until you are satisfied.  I’ve had several surgical experiences in my life and no one, I mean NO ONE has taken the time to not only perform these battery of tests but to really go over results like this team did.  State-of-the-art equipment and some of the very best doctors in Mexico will be handling your case, personally, so if you get a clean bill of health here, you can take that to the bank. 

Let’s talk Covid….  It’s scary out there, right?  The MMV team adheres to the strictest Covid protocol – temperature taken at every clinic, hand sanitizer always available, always masked, and ever vigilant.  As an aside, everyone I saw in Mexico, be it in the shop restaurants, hotel, etc. wore their masks, religiously.  Most places require your temperature be taken before you are allowed in (very easy, Just wave your arm in front of a sensing device) Very comforting!

Once you get all the logistics and testing taken care of, what’s the next HUGE safety need??  Your DOCTOR!  From the moment I met Dr. Valdez, face to face, all of my remaining jitters were put to rest.  Calm, confident, kind, and ready to spend all day long with you explaining everything he will be doing, Dr. Valdez is a treasure.  I never doubted for an instant that I was in the very best hands, hands down!  Just a really good guy who is highly skilled and who will take the very best care of you.  Dr. Valdez is always looking to improve his knowledge by attending conferences and symposiums around the world as well.  Trust me on this one, ladies and gentlemen; you can not go wrong with Dr. Valdez.

So, just do it!!  Take the plunge!!  If you are reading this, you’ve already made the decision (you really have, haven’t you?), so now’s the time…..  The clock is ticking!!!  🙂

3 more weeks till I have my first video conference with Dr. Valdez, from the comfort of my home.  I have no doubt he will be as pleased with my progress as I will be.