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PET scan, Ottawa, Canada

My trip to Mexico City with My Medical Vacations.
I have visited My Medical Vacation a couple of times in the last few years. This year I contacted Andres
and Betty to inquire about having a PET scan done. I wanted to know my overall health status as I turned

  1. Both Andreas and Betty were fantastic. Against all odd, because I didn’t make the request until I was
    down in Cancun with only one week left to go, they were able to arrange an appointment for me. It was
    in Mexico City. They made all the arrangements and Betty travelled with me. We flew out of Cancun on
    a Thursday evening and shared a hotel room in Mexico City. Before the appointment and afterwards,
    Betty took me sightseeing in this amazing wonderful city. I felt like I was in Europe with the courtyards,
    the friendly people and the excellent food.

    My visit to the hospital clinic for the PET scan was also perfect and painless. The people were kind and
    caring and many spoke English, however, Betty was with me always to facilitate any problems or answer
    any questions. I was comfortable and well cared for by everyone. My time at the clinic in total was only
    about 2 hours.

    Afterwards, Betty and I went out for dinner to a sidewalk café and had excellent Mexican cuisine. The
    next morning we flew back to Cancun and I was back at my Airbnb shortly after lunchtime.
    I highly recommend both this company and the people that I deal with there.

    Mary Ellen M
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