Breast Enlargement Surgery Testimonial with Dr. Carmona

Breast Enlargement Surgery Testimonial with the surgeon

My visit to Cancun through My Medical Vacations was a pleasant one that I will comfortably share with those interested in persuing cosmetic surgery.
I did check online for this as I was told by a friend that women have started going to Mexico for a more affordable surgery and sure enough I found what I was looking for in literally minutes! I did see that the surgeon had plenty of good reviews, therefore I chose him and was content with my decision.

The breast enlargement surgery was on a Friday and I flew home on a Tuesday. The results are fantastic and I have had several compliments and I know that I made the right choice and very thankful for the team (Katie, Cecy and Nurse) for the support I received before and after surgery. Going to Cancun was also relaxing on the beachside since I was to rest in order for a healthy recovery.

I would like to suggest to bring a friend if you can for additional support during the travel and to stay longer then the 5 days that I went.
Have fun 🙂

Jennifer Lennie

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