Face Lift,California,USA

If you are considering plastic surgery, I highly recommend you explore the Medical Vacations program. After doing extensive research on various programs, I chose Medical Vacations specifically due to the high reviews Dr. Valdez received, and the quality of care/follow-up included in the package.  I was not disappointed.

Dr. Valdez looked at my specific goals and situation with great attention, kindly addressed the many questions I had, and skillfully achieved an optimal result. From my earliest interactions, the Medical Vacations team (Betty, Ana and Kari) were highly responsive and genuinely caring as they as they skillfully guided me through the process.  Patient safety is a top priority and numerous steps were taken by Dr. Valdez and the team to ensure my wellbeing.

I am delighted with my results and give the Medical Vacations program my highest rating.

A.M Testimonial page 0001
A.M Testimonial page 0001