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All You Need To Know About Recovery After Getting A Nose Job

All You Need To Know About Recovery After Getting A Nose Job

Your nose is perhaps the most prominent feature of your face. It just cannot be missed. No wonder why so many celebrities turn to what is commonly known as a ‘nose job’ to reshape and alter the appearance of their nose.

But it’s not just the A-listers who can benefit from rhinoplasty, i.e. surgical intervention to boost the shape, size, and symmetry of an individual’s nose, for the purpose of harmonizing facial proportions. If you are not happy with your nose and are considering changing its shape, you are not the only one. In 2017 alone, this was the third most popular form of plastic surgery, as elucidated by the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report.

A lot of judgment surrounds cosmetic surgical procedures which prevent people from obtaining the right information to drive their decisions. That is why it is important to go for the best plastic surgeons in Mexico who can guide you through the entire process. They will let you know what can be achieved, the aspect of safety, as well as whether you are an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty. More importantly, they will carefully assess your facial features, understand your expectations, and make sure that they are realistic and attainable.

As far as the recovery period is concerned, here’s what to expect:

Recovery After Rhinoplasty

Usually an outpatient procedure, recovery usually takes up to 2-6 weeks, although most patients can get the splint removed in 5-6 days and go out in public if their surgeon gives them the green signal. Bruises are hardly noticeable in such cases. However, if you are planning to travel to a foreign country like Mexico for the surgery, make sure that you choose the right medical tourism experts well in advance who will make the experience smoother for you.

Expect some amount of swelling after the procedure.  This can be comfortably dealt with the help of prescribed pain medications and cold compresses on your cheeks 72 hours after the surgery. Take particular care to not blow your nose. You may be advised to breathe through your mouth during the first week to facilitate faster healing. Also, smoking may reduce blood flow to the region and slow down your nose’s ability to heal itself. So, your surgeon may advise you to cut back on it.

If you are considering your options to correct the shape of your nose, make sure that you get in touch with world-class surgeons. After all, your nose deserves the best care it can get. Looking for affordable plastic surgery services in Cancun, Mexico but unsure about how to go on about it? Let us be your medical travel facilitators!