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I must say that I am beyond impressed with MMV. Coming to another country to have major medical procedures done (tummy tuck liposuction of 5 places and Brazilian butt lift) can be very scary and overwhelming. From the start of this journey Jo and Andres answered every question and put my mind at ease.  Dr. Edgar Torres, although not completely fluent in English, he understands and does his best to communicate. His assistant Robyn (who is a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul) help to make sure everyone understands one another. What a gorgeous office he works from. Betty, the coordinator make sure your trip goes without any problems. She answers your text messages no matter what time, she gets your labs done, goes with you to your cardiology appointment; took me to the grocery store to make sure I was prepared for after Surgery this woman is an angel…. I mean that with every bit of me…

My hotel was very nice, everything was right where I had an issue the day of my Surgery that halted with Asthma Surgery literally right before incisions were made I would have to wait an extra 5 days before I could reschedule.

My nerves were shot but I was already here and already spent this much money I could not disappoint myself and chicken out now.

The whole MMV TEAM was supportive and uplifting.

I found a nice Airbnb for less than half the Price of the hotel room which would help out so much.

I had not budgeted for the change fees for the flight the extra days here in Cancun. My friend could not change hers so she was only here 24 hours after Surgery but I had 24 hours access to Anna MMV nurse who also speaks very good English she is very caring and goes out of her way to make sure you have fresh fruits and groceries after surgery. Between Anna the nurse and Betty, the kept me safe and grounded. The pain is very intense and they do their best to help you through it you feel as if you have known them for years. MMV is very lucky to have such giving and genuine people working for them they even made my birthday wonderful since I was here all alone.

Dr. Torres is a such a beautiful artist he really takes pride in his work he genuinely cares for you.  All facilities were very nice. The only thing that may worry you is the Surgery room (OR) just because it is a bit dated.

First of all, remember you are in Mexico but I was a nurse for 22 years I can assure you everything is very sterile and the anesthesiologist that was there during my Surgery with Dr.Torres was amazing. Recovery and having your own private room was very nice.

I must say although I had a trip that did have a couple of hiccups, if it weren’t for the entire team at My Medical Vacations

I don’t know if I would be healing as quickly and as relayed as I am I give them 5 stars. They run like a very tight nit company Anna and Betty I can not say enough about and I wish I could afford to tip them enough to take a very well  deserved vacation cruise somewhere ( with me included of course ) I love you all!

Maybe I’ll come work for MMV …. That how much I believe in it .

“…if it weren’t for the entire team at My Medical Vacations I dont know if I would be healing as quickly and I don’t know if I would be healing as quickly and as relaxed as I am. I give them 5 stars…”

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