Breast Augmentation Testimonial with Dr. Carmona

Breast Augmentation Testimonial with the surgeon

My experience with the surgeon, Andres, Katie, and Cici was unforgettable!  I would recommend the surgeon to anyone considering having any type of plastic surgery done.  The man is attentive and truly an expert in his field.  He is an artist!  I was REALLY scared to have my breast augmentation fixed because my previous operation from a different surgeon in the states did not turn out well.  My breasts were uneven and noticeably asymmetrical.  I knew it was going to be a serious fix up job but the results I got from the surgeon were better than I expected them to be.  I am still healing and the swelling is almost gone but I can tell that my new breasts are much more symmetrical, smaller, and perkier–as I had wished.  The surgeon listened to what I wanted and gave me expert advice on just how best he could achieve the results I wanted.  He was very thorough and informative.  He explained what he would do and how it would look right down to the type and texture of the implant and what to expect from the scars, healing time, what to expect in recovery and what to do for aftercare etc.  He decided it would be best in my situation to use a textured, high profile silicone gel implant.  I got a breast lift as well as the implant replacement and augmentation/reduction.

The surgeon also expertly performed a labioplasty during my surgery as well so when I woke up both procedures had been done, which I was told he would do, of course.  I like that I could have both done at the same time.  That procedure turned out perfect and I am so pleased with the results.  I feel so much better about my parts now.  He really took the time to hear what I had to say and he did a good job making me feel at ease with his skills as a surgeon and his treatment of me as his patient.  He made me feel confident in his ability to do these procedures and that I would be pleased with the results.  He was right!

For some reason, I will never forget his smile and his laugh.  His laugh is very unique and he is so genuine.  My husband and I really appreciated his honesty and his humor too!  He was really able to put my mind at ease when I was so scared.

Andres was phenomenally personable and attentive.  He went out of his way for my husband and I especially that first night back at our hotel when my husband was so uncomfortable from his abdominal liposuction procedure.  Andres and Cici and Katie each were attentive to us during our recovery and did everything possible to make us as comfortable as could be managed.  They were back and forth to check on us and easy to reach by phone if we needed anything—–anytime.  I felt like I made three new friends in each of them!

I would recommend this experience to anyone deciding who to go to for plastic surgery needs!  It was well worth the trip!

Lara Shemali

Breast Augmentation Testimonial

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