Comprehensive Care Management Services for Medical Tourists

Comprehensive Care Management Services for Medical Tourists

When it comes to medical tourism, one of the biggest concerns among tourists is the quality of health and care management services. Well, the good news is that if you are travelling to Mexico for medical tourism, you can be rest assured that you will get the highest quality of both health and medical concierge’s services. This can be backed by the phenomenal increase in medical tourism in Mexico.

Medical Concierge

You can find a variety of medical travel concierge companies in Mexico that specialize in providing full customer service and logistic services. Companies offering medical concierges in Mexico ensure that international patients on medical tour receive the very best in personal and medical care throughout their stay in Mexico.

Here’s what is usually offered under medical concierge Services:

Custom Planning Services

Medical travel companies in Mexico help plan every detail of your medical vacation so that you have an enjoyable medical tourism experience. This includes helping international patients select the best medical provider and hospital, arranging hotel accommodations, tours and recommending the best places to go to in Mexico.

Air Travel with Special Care Assistance

Some medical travel companies go extra miles to ensure patient’s comfort from the time of the departure to the arrival. They liaise with airlines to provide special care assistance to patients such as oxygen and wheelchairs. This service is quite useful for handicapped or disabled patients traveling on medical tour.

Assistance with Coordination of Appointments

Once you sign up with a medical travel concierge company, you don’t have to worry about coordinating appointments with the doctors or other specialists because this is mostly included in medical concierge services offered by the medical travel company. Many medical travel companies provide patients complete assistance with coordinating appointments with the best doctors in the city so that you get the best medical care possible.

Free Chaperone Service

To make your medical tour enjoyable and comfortable, some medical travel companies in Mexico also provide you free chaperone service so that you can explore the best Mexico has to offer. The chaperone guides and assists you throughout your medical trip. Some medical travel companies also offer multi-lingual staff to bridge the communication gap. This helps the medical traveler communicate his/her concerns and needs to the staff and surpass the language barrier.

Access to Car Rentals

Travelling in public transport can be a hassle as sometimes it can be crowded especially during the rush hours and sometimes it can be delayed due to various reasons. Therefore to avoid delays and ensure you reach to the hospital on time and don’t miss your appointment, medical travel companies also provide you access to reliable car rental service. You can rent a car and travel from the hotel to the hospital with ease and you can also travel around and explore the city at your own convenience.

Other medical concierge services may also include services like:

  • Babysitting and nanny service
  • Prepaid baggage services

A Word of Advice

Before you sign up with a medical travel company, it’s always best to learn and find out the medical concierge services the company offers. Remember not all services discussed above are offered by all medical travel companies. So, you need to know exactly what you are signing up for, so that you don’t end up registering with a company that can’t meet your expectations

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