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COVID Safety for Omicron Variant

COVID 19 has shaken the world and so do its variants. Omicron is one of the deleterious variants of COVID 19 that has 400 times multiplicity power than the delta variant. Even if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 you are still at the stake of catching omicron. You could only be on the safe side if you are following the set of precautions the guidelines generated by WHO and CDC.

However, Omicron has increased the risk of COVID-19 as if Earth is never going to get rid of COVID at all. It is advised that no compromise on the guidelines and precautions will be tolerated by the government of the state. The increased risk and the growing number of patients have forced the government to implement lockdowns in a certain state for stopping the growth of the virus.

Everyone on the Earth is more concerned about the variant. We’ve compiled some safety tips to stay out of danger. This is how you can protect your family and friends..

1. Never forget your mask

  The first and the most effective tip to defeat this deadly variant is to wear quality and thick masks. If you’re not vaccinated CDC advises you to wear a fabric mask and if you are vaccinated you can avoid wearing a mask only if it’s less crowded. At overly crowded places, malls, and markets, you are strictly advised to put on masks and save yourself from Omicron. But masks don’t suit infants and toddlers, parents should cover their faces instead. Parents should also be careful taking little kids out in crowded places. If you are more prone to catch diseases, you should wear a mask indoor and outdoor as well.

2. Keep Physical distance

It is the second most effective approach to staying on the safe side. At some places, you always have to remove the mask, for eating and drinking, make sure you keep the distance of at least 2 feet from the other person.

The Director of the National Institute of Health declared Delta as the risk and Omicron as the Real Threat because it’s several folds more contagious. Not only outdoor but you have to avoid close contact with the family member if they are sick by chance because they get vulnerable to catching Omicron.

3. Keep watching your hands and Use Sanitizers

This safety tip really works. However, it might take a few weeks to earn about the variant since it’s not been too long since the arrival. However, it is confirmed that washing hands frequently, keeping hygiene appropriately, and using hand sanitizers can help you ward off the illness easily.

4. Tests

Clinical experts have designed tests for the Omicron variant as well. There are two tests designed offered in hospitals. One is antigen test and the other is molecular tests. Both tests are designed to find the presence of omicron in the body.

To save your family and friends from the deleterious virus you have to follow the safety precautions carefully.