Tips for Facelift post op recovery

5 Tips for Facelift Post-Op Recovery

For many of us, a Facelift is the most exciting procedure to undergo. We look great, more youthful, contoured, and get a brighter face than ever, and we love it! Many people also experience the procedure, and many want to, but the thing that matters is “recovery”. How will you get recovery? How long will the pain and swelling last? What about the quicker recovery promised? And what are the precautions and tips to ensure the fastest recovery?

If you are seeking the answers to the questions. We have complied with the five tips to get the fastest recovery after facelift surgery.

1. Few days after the Surgery

It is a more painful period, even more than Surgery itself. You may feel pain a lot, bruises around you, find it difficult to move your face and talk, and some discomfort. It may also cause bleeding. You can have a painkiller, avoid washing your face, and everything that may cause uneasiness. You may also have tighter skin on your neck. However, this is an initial phase of recovery. Recovery doesn’t come in days, it may take weeks, but if you neglected precaution, it could even take months. Do not worry if the swelling looks more pronounced initially. You have to plan. You can have some pain-killing medicines and avoid all activities, including jogging, exercising, and weightlifting. Try to avoid sleeping in the wrong direction. Also, drink water carefully; use a straw if possible for a week or two.

2.  Avoid Certain Medicines

Not all medicines can be used to reduce pain, and you have to reach out to your surgeon and him to provide you with the drugs having the least or no side effects. However, we suggest avoiding OTCs, including i-brufen and aspirin.

3. Little movement after two weeks

At least after two weeks of Surgery, you should feel less pain, stop taking pain killers. You will start feeling better. Work around your home. You are advised to do light exercises that include walking. You may still have mild bruising; never neglect the set of precautions you are advised. If you smoke, quit it. Start using a soft, damp cloth to clean your face gently not to hurt stitches. You still may not be very confident to leave home and go out in public. However, patience is the best key!

4. Avoid Sunshine

Yes, you should avoid getting sunrays on your facial skin that has undergone a surgical procedure some days ago. UV rays can harm your skin severely. Besides that UVA and UVB radiation, vitamin D directly from the sun (excessively) can cause damages to the stitches. It may elongate the recovery period. After two weeks, you can have mild exposure but use sunscreen.

5. Stay Nourished and hydrated

For your immune system to bring recovery faster, dermatologists suggest having a lot of healthy foods, primarily fruits, and salads, and staying hydrated for most of the hours. Drink more water as possible. Consume a protein-rich and high-calorie, carbs, and fiber diet to gain energy faster recovery.

Facelift surgery can retrieve a youthful look and boost confidence incredibly. However, the surgical procedure needs time to subside pain bruises for good. You have to follow precautions tightly and plan the way.