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Medical travelling is an essential travelling

Medical travelling it refers to people who travel to another city, countries in order to obtain best treatment of certain disease, alignment and condition it is also known as medical or health tourism.

The main reason behind this travelling is that either treatment is not available in their place or that the treatment will cost a lot, so they find cheaper place to give them same facility at lower rate.

As an advantageous way of treatment, it is noticeable trend in all continents.

In certain countries, some medical procedures are not legal such as fertility procedure, so such people go to different countries to get this procedure alone.

Some Insurance companies of certain country provide help by decreasing the cost of treatment than that we expected.

People mostly travel from developed to more developing countries.
Following countries where medical tourism occur:

  1. México
  2. Thailand
  3. India
  4. Sri lanka
  5. Brazil
  6. Malaysia
  7. United kingdom
  8. United states

    The most important reason of medical travelling is to improve the health and fitness of the patient. Cost ineffectiveness, Quality of care, , Unavailability of latest technologies, presence of Expertise.

    In addition, the weather and environment of other countries has great impact on physical and mental health of patient.

    It also give people a chance to incorporate local therapies.

    a) India’s yoga and Ayurveda medicine
    b) Thai massage
    c) Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture

Top specialties offered by Medical travelers:

  1. Cosmetic surgery
  2. Density
  3. Cardiovascular
  4. Orthopedics
  5. Cancer
  6. Reproduction
  7. Weight loss
  8. Scan tests, health screening and second opinions
  9. Illness treatment

    Three types of Medical Tourism are:

  10. Outbound: involving resident to travel other foreign country.
  11. Inbound: Involving nonresident to travel the other country.
  12. Intra_bound: involving resident to travel within the same country.
    Precaution taken to avoid the risk:

    ● As Medical travelling is most important benefit for developing the health of people, but certain precaution should be taken to avoid the risk…

    ● Particular vaccination should be done prior to travelling that country, to avoid the risk the development of infectious disease.

    Have full knowledge about all treatment, and doctor’s qualification and experience.

    ● Known about the language spoken where he/she is going to travel, because it may effect on treatment by creating misunderstanding..

    ● Proper body checkup should be done to avoid any problem during travelling. In addition, have contact with your local doctor before travelling.