Mommy makeover in Cancun

Mommy makeover in Cancun:

Mommy makeover is the series of procedures for the mothers to regain their previous body contour. It is mostly for the aesthetic purpose. The body contour will not be exactly similar to your non-child bearing body, but it will be closer to it.

You might have seen the models with hourglass bodies immediately after giving birth to their baby, this is actually the magic of mommy makeover. Most of the women feel insecure about their body after delivering the baby. This may cause post pregnancy stress. The loose skin, saggy breast and stretched labia are the most problematic issues. Mommy makeover resolves all of these.

Procedures comprising mommy makeover:

The procedures are decided after the complete examination. Mostly, these procedures are included:

Tummy tuck is commonly used to refer to abdominoplasty. It is the removal of the loose skin of the abdomen area. The pregnancy exerts a lot of stress especially on the abdomen, rapid growth of the baby causes the excessive stretching of the belly skin resulting in loosening of the skin along with stretch marks. In some cases, liposuction is also done along with abdominoplasty to remove excess fat underneath the skin.

Breast lift is the reshaping of the breast to give a lifted appearance. It is done by the plastic surgeon to remove loose skin from the breast and thus resolve the sagging of breast.

Labiaplasty is done to repair the excessively stretched labia. Labia is torn during the delivery which is very uncomfortable, so it needs to be repaired.

Butt lift is the reshaping of butt to give them a peakier appearance. Butt sagging is another insecurity of new moms. Pregnancy not only affects the abdominal region but on the whole body, so butt lift can be part of mommy makeover.

It should be kept in mind that mommy makeover is done according to the needs of the body. These surgeries can be done separately, but mommy makeovers make it easy for new moms to regain their dream body. Mommy makeovers can be customized according to the demand.

When should I opt for a mommy makeover?

The massive stress of pregnancy needs some time, so you should wait for a couple of months before going to the mommy makeover. Moreover, you should keep in mind that you should not bear babies after mommy makeover. Your family planning should be completed before opting for this procedure.


The cost of mommy makeover varies a lot. In the USA, it ranges from $10000  to $30000. In Cancun, it ranges from $5000 to $17000.  The wide range of price of this process is due to the fact that it can be tailored according to the needs of everyone.

Why should i choose Cancun:

You should choose Cancun because it is considered as the Paradise for aesthetic surgeries. The most obvious reason is that you can save a bunch of money. The packages are pocket friendly and patient oriented. You should opt for Cancun because it has some living legends in the field of plastic surgery.

Benefits of saving money:

  • Saving money is always a wiser choice. You should save money because you need it for a comfortable and peaceful life.

“Save money and money will save you”

  • Saving money will enable you to travel. Traveling is like a fantasy for someone living hand to mouth, but saved money can be a savior for them.
  • It will make you independent.
  • It will keep you away from debts.
  • It will help you in your emergencies.

So go to Cancun and save money!

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