Patient concierge in charge of all logistics

Patient concierge: in charge of all logistics!

Patient concierge service is the program designed by the hospitals to provide non medical care to the patient. The hospitals are here to provide medical care, but the feeling of being cared for is sometimes missed. This reduces the patient satisfaction rate. To cope up with this deficiency hospitals invest in patient centered programs. Patient concierge service is also a patient centered program.

What does a patient concierge?

 Patient concierges do anything except medical care for the betterment of the patient. They provide emotional support and comfort to the patient and its family. The duties of a patient concierge ranges from taking patients to the hospital to getting a cappuccino for the patient. They make the hospital experience pleasant by fulfilling their non clinical needs. It will improve the overall impression of the hospital on the patient.

“First impression is the last impression”

Common patient concierge services:

  • Admission assistance:

The admission of patients, comfort and care is part of the service.

  • Bedside assistance:

This includes all the non clinical needs when the patient is under medical procedure. The nutritional services are also part of it.

  • Customer service:

Pet coordination and flight arrangement is also part of their job.

  • Discharge guidance:

Prescription pickup and grocery buying is also part of their job.

Benefits :

The benefits of patient concierge are countless:

  • It reduces the burden on medical staff. Medical staff are always busy assisting the doctors. They do not have much time to hand patients personal matters like clothes and food. Patient concierge services can do this.
  • This gives a pleasant impression to the patient and their family. It gives a feeling of being cared for to the patient and their family. This immensely increases the satisfaction rate.
  • They help the patient to face the hospital stress and anxiety. When someone is about to go through a medical procedure, anxiety is a natural factor. Medical staff can not provide any emotional support to the patient so the patient concierge can address this.
  • They will make the whole medical tour smooth. Patient concierge will take care of traveling, eating and grocery shopping.
  • It will improve the patient flow in the hospital. As the satisfaction rate increase, the patient flow will also increase
  • It will help in managing the emergency department

Taking care of patient’s family:

Patient concierge should also take care of the family of the patient. They provide them with the proper guidance and assistance. Usually a patient’s family is shattered when their loved one is undergoing surgery, at this point they need some emotional support and guidance. Doctors and nurses are occupied in their work so they cannot do it. Moreover, it is not part of their jobs. Patient concierge can resolve this issue by taking care of the patient’s family.

Patient concierge: an effective strategy

Patient concierge is proven to be very effective strategy because it is:

  •  increasing the clinical efficacy by reducing the workload on medical staff.
  •  increasing the satisfaction rate by helping patients
  • Reducing the clinical burnout
  • Enhancing the patient flow.

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