Testimonial Tummy tuck + Breast Lift from Alberta, Canada

How was my experience? Katie and Christine were amazing and honest about all that was to come.

My hotel, they took very good care of me asking if I needed anything. I had control of the cleaning, when and

where. The nurse that came to see me was clear on what I was to see and expect. She helped me with my

compression garments, getting internet, having food brought up and showering, dressing, etc. The look of

my breasts and tummy are more than I expected and the Doctor, an artist. I´m form Canada and I got great

quality worksmanship and without having to borrow a lot of money. I will be back to have some lipo but I

am going to learn to eat healthy and the right wourkouts.  I do workout regularly but still have trouble spots.

Hope this helps to anyone else.


Alberta, Canada

Dec, 2014

Testimonial Tummy tuck + Breast Lift


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