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Mommy makeover after COVID-19 stress, it’s my time!

There is a lot of bad news in our society. The COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress for all the sectors of society. All the kids, with their fathers, are in their home. No one is certain about what will be the future in this condition.

In these times, mommy’s are the most affected by COVID, in the family. They have a lot of jobs to do. Mommy has a greater task to take care of all people in the family. They had to take good care of the kids. At the same time, fathers of kids also want more focus on them. So, mommy’s are not getting any “me time.” Let us discuss how to makeover after COVID-19 stress.

Focus on things that you can control

We can’t control the pandemic. But we can control a lot of other things. We can control our personal hygiene, our eating habits, our sleep cycle, and a lot more. Focus on these things, so you have a sense of achievement.

Take a break from social apps

Social Apps had the focus to keep us connected with our loved ones. But in today’s world, we are wasting more time on it than what we are getting. A lot of unverified news on social media is just increasing our stress. Being a mommy, you need to be stress-free to control your kids. So, save time from these apps and invest them in your being.

Start a new hobby

You were like, “ok am saving time from social apps, then where to invest it?” A new hobby is the best place where you will invest your time. Want more? Involve your kids in this hobby too. Have a combined quality time, so both mommy and kids feel fresh.

Make a schedule

As a mommy, you know the importance of a schedule. A lot of mothers can’t spare time for them and stay in the kitchen all the time. It is unhealthy both for your physical and mental health.

You need to make a schedule and follow it strictly. Even an hour a day for your self will do a lot. It will release a lot of your stress and make you feel fresh. At this time, do whatever you love to do. Your family should know that this is only your time and they won’t disturb you.

Self-care is important

A lot of mothers spend the whole day for their kids. They don’t have time to think about activities that excite them. In COVID-19, mothers think that since they are at home, there is no need to focus on their beauty. However, even a slight improvement will impact you a lot. Take care of yourself, you deserve to look beautiful.

Do home exercises

Exercise helps a lot to reduce our mental stress. They also create a feeling of well-being because they improve our health. In COVID-19, you can’t go outside for Gym. So, it is better to do home exercises. It will be your me time, and you will feel a lot better after exercise.

Time in the lockdown at home is the most stressful for mothers. You have to take care of the whole family. So, you need to spare ample time for yourself. A healthy mommy can make healthy kids.

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