Concierge Medicine in Mexico

Concierge medicine, or retainer medicine, is a concept that has revolutionized the medical community. It is a relationship wherein a patient pays an annual fee for hiring a doctor. In exchange for the retainer fee, the doctor agrees to provide medical care and a commitment to provide adequate time and remain available for each patient. It is also known as membership medicine, direct supervision, and cash-only practice. 

Mexico has emerged as one of the top destinations for concierge medicine. Concierge medicine in Mexico is an elite service that attracts a lot of wealthy clients.

Many doctors in Mexico are turning to concierge medicine and charging $5,000 to $10,000 as their annual retainer fees. However, in recent times, a more middle-class model of concierge medicine has emerged in Mexico. This subscription-based concierge service is now also being used as a popular alternative to traditional insurance in many healthcare practices. To bring down the costs, many concierge medicine services in Mexico have started charging a monthly membership fee for the services of the doctors instead of a one-time annual payment.

Many concierge services are also offering urgent care services for non-members as well for a specific fee per appointment. The fee structure also differs based on the level of service being provided.

Some of the advantages of opting for concierge medicine in Mexico include round-the-clock telephone and email access to your doctor, home delivery of your medications, same day appointments, longer and more in-depth examinations by doctors, as well as a lesser wait time.

Spending money on concierge medicine in Mexico is considered as purchasing an experience. After all, you are spending money to buy personalized care – you will have a much more intimate and personal interaction with your concierge doctor than what you may even hop for in any standard healthcare facility or hospital.

The many services that provide concierge medicine in Mexico also take care of your medical or health insurance, any diagnostic tests that have to be carried out, such as blood work or X-rays. Even if you need to see a specialist, for example, a cardiologist or ophthalmologist, then also the concierge service will take care of it, but there might be some extra fee over the amount you have paid. Everything depends on what type of service or package you have purchased from the concierge medicine services in Mexico.

If you are interested in choosing a concierge medicine in Mexico, then you should make sure that the doctors on the panel are certified and ideally also affiliated with a major hospital. You will find that concierge medicine in Mexico offers some of the best medical services at par with any other developed nations, and you will be at peace, knowing your health is in good hands.

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