ASAPS certified surgeons in Mexico: Dr. Arturo Valdez

Cosmetic surgeons are in great demand today and Mexico has no shortage of them. The low-cost medical facilities have made it a magnet for medical tourists from other countries, especially USA. However, not every cosmetic surgeon is worthy of the title or of your money. This is why ASAPS certification plays a great role in establishing the authority and expertise of any cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Arturo Valdez is one of them.

Knowing ASAPS

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery was founded in 1967 to educate public and ensure patient safety standards in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. Today, more than 2600 plastic surgeons across the world belong to this organization.

It is not an easy task to become a member of the ASAPS. To do so, the surgeon must first be certified by another reputable organization of plastic surgeons. These include American Board of Plastic Surgery, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  Once a part of the ASAPS, surgeons are required to follow certain guidelines. They must regularly attend conferences, be active in the field of aesthetic surgery, offer services in ASAPS-accredited facilities and adhere to code of ethics of ASAPS.

Importance of ASAPS-certification

You might be probably wondering “why is ASAPS such a big deal anyway?” Well, in simple words, it is for your own safety. In the medical world, any physician with a license can call himself an aesthetic surgeon, even if he has no prior surgical experience at all. Cosmetic surgeries could be some of the most complicated surgeries anywhere, and an inexperienced surgeon can cause you severe harm.

This is why ASAPS-certification comes into play. As mentioned above, there are strict rules to become and continue to be a member of ASAPS. Thus, only the most experience and sharp cosmetic surgeons can boast of this tag. Hence, ASAPS certification allows you to trust the ability and skills of your cosmetic surgeon.

ASAPS-certified surgeons in Mexico

Despite abundance of medical professionals in Mexico, ASAPS-certified cosmetic surgeons are a rarity. Only 12 of them are in Mexico, spread across various cities in the country. Amidst this name, Dr. Valdez stands out for his excellence.

Dr. Pedro Arturo Valdez is located in the city of Cancun in Mexico. He has an experience of over 2000 successful plastic surgeries. His facility employs the best instruments and facilities for the purpose of aesthetic surgeries. Staying true to the ideology of ASAPS, Dr. Valdez always tries to stay up-to-date with the current happening in the world of cosmetic surgery and try the latest methods available.

In short, it is always great to check out the ASAPS certification of a cosmetic surgeon before hiring him. In Cancun, Mexico, that would always be Dr. Valdez.

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