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Breast implant removal: En Bloc technique available in Cancun

Breasts implants are one of the most common cosmetic procedures in today’s world. While they give a happy story to many, sometimes the ends are not-so-good. In such cases, breast implant removal is the way to correct the mistake. En bloc technique is recognized as one of the most effective methods of breast implant removal. Fortunately, Cancun offers the perfect place to undergo it.

Breast Implant and Need for Removal

Breast implants are gel-containing prosthesis installed behind the breasts of women to resemble natural breasts or larger than the existing ones. While many people choose breast implants for cosmetic reasons, its more vital application is for breast cancer patients or others who had their breasts removed due to medical reasons.

However, breast implants may sometimes cause new problems. Sometimes the body doesn’t accept the foreign material used in the implants, leading to autoimmune disease. In other cases, breast implants may cause chronic effects like scarring or pain. Sometimes the capsule within the implant may leak, causing infection. In such cases, breast implant removal is sought to remove the implants and hopefully terminate these symptoms.

Understanding En Bloc technique

“En Bloc” means “as one”, which pretty much explains how this procedure works. First, an incision is made just under the breasts. If the incision pattern from the breast implant is still visible, surgeons follow the same. Then the entire implant, along with the scar tissue that surrounds it, is removed. The patient is given general anesthesia during the procedure. The entire procedure takes 2 hours at most.

Sometimes, the removal of the implant may cause excess loose skin around the breasts. The surgeons might perform a breast lift procedure immediately to remove the excess skin.

Reason for En Bloc

En Bloc is better than other breast removal methods for two reasons. First, the entire implant as well as the capsule is removed in the surgery, as a single block. As the capsule is not disturbed, it ensures that no silicone is left behind to contaminate the body. Second, the incisions are made in accordance to the natural shape and position of the chest. Thus, the look after the surgery closely resembles the natural appearance.

Risks and Recovery

There is no uncommon risk associated with en bloc surgery. However, it is not applicable in all cases either. Sometimes, the capsule with attached too tightly with the surrounding muscles. The capsule might also be too far away from the point of incision. In such cases, alternate methods might be used.

The recovery time of the procedure is rather quick. Only a few days of bed rest is required, after which patients can go about their daily chores. In 2 weeks the stitches are healed and recovery is complete.

Choosing Cancun

Cancun is already recognized as a safe haven for medical tourists. The low cost of medical facilities and the awesome town itself serve as a great combination. Cancun boasts of some of the best medical facilities and professionals when it comes to plastic surgery. Both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery can be availed by the best surgeons.

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