Arm lift + Breast Implants, Vancouver Canada

The Idea of pursuing plastic surgery can be a scary one even in one’s own country let alone going to another country. During our research, my husband and I explored many options. When we decide Mexico, we got many “concerned” remarks from well-meaning friends and family. There is stigma attached to plastic surgery and getting done in Mexico. Usually after educating these people, they were more comfortable with our decision.

Why did I choose My Medical Vacations? There are a number of reason, during my decision-making, I sent request for prices/consults/info to numerous Doctors, and a lot were in Tijuana. The piece that separated them from MMV: MMV contacted me directly rather than sending a cookie cutler email response with prices. When MMV contacted me, they schedule a video meeting with the actual surgeon which I REALLY like it!

These options were not offered to me or mentioned would happen with the other. The main reason for choosing MMV was Dr. Valdez, during the first video meeting him provided very thorough education is #1, I also liked that he was not willing to risk my health and safety and combine a whole bunch of procedures. This mixed with MMV “all inclusive” service made it an easy decision, my correspondent Javier, was attentive to my needs/worries/questions and would respond to me very quickly. The logistic team was also responsive and accommodating.

My nurse Ana Lopez was amazing, she work so HARD! I felt very comfortable in her skills and abilities, it was clear she has very good knowledge about the plastic surgery procedures and the care request after. She is friendly, professional – yet fun, responsible and caring.

I have other procedure I want done to complete my transformation after massive weight loss, and it’s easy to choose this team again

Talaena Marven Testimonial 1 page 0001
Talaena Marven Testimonial 1 page 0001