Corinne Lazaro 2

Extended Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction + BBL, San Francisco, USA

WHAT A GREAT VACATION!! And at the same time do my surgery, even in the very first contact email Andres and Alessa are very good in follow up with Andres an hour and half call truly placed my trust to MMV! Also the testimonial help.

My entire medical vacations was totally – Bar none – super organized! Pick up from the airport, concierge service heads by amazing Betty! The care home was so awesome.

Pre-op appointments prior to surgery arranged by Ana, Betty and Kary! Consultation with Dr. Valdez was very comfortable, all my questions answered, very professional in dealing with his patients. The entire surgery was totally pain-free, I was asleep the entire time upon waking up everything was smooth staying overnight in the hospital with my favorite nurse Ana assisting me all the way, bringing me home and visit me daily to make sure that I’m take care of taking meds on time.

Betty also schedule lymphatic massage in our care home, the all post-op appointments done on very synchronized well-organized manner! The whole team deserves a standing ovation!

On my final post-op, visit with Dr. Valdez I’m very pleased with my post-surgery results!!

I am truly blessed to have found this great team!

Will definitely send a lot of referrals and will come back for another surgery!!


The Lazaron

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