Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith Testimonial – Extended Tummy Tuck + Liposuction + BBL – MO 

January 21, 2023

I began researching medical tourism in 2017. After losing 70lb, I was in need of a Tummy tuck. I received several consultations and price quotes from multiple companies

All though others offered a cheaper price, I decided the staff and Dr Valdez we’re continuously stellar and really care about the patient they make you feel welcomed and are non-judgmental

– Particular staff that I worked with were…

  • Andres (head consultant) – responded quickly to questions regarding consultation pricing booking procedures and deposit.
  • Kary (head concierge) Kary is super friendly and responds to questions or concerns very fast. She takes care of everything for you including airport transportation hotel preop/ postop/ massage appointments. She also texts or stops by to check on you periodically to ensure you are doing well if you need anything Kary will help.
  • Ana (nurse) Ana is the best! She is with you through every step very caring and becomes your friend she really loves her job helping every day to make sure you are recovery well.
  • Dr. Valdez (surgeon) – Very professional and makes patient safety #1 priority he takes time to explain the procedure and answer any questions. If you are looking to combine procedures but he feels it is unsafe, he will not do it. Money is not his concern, your health is.

– Cannot say enough good things about My Medical Vacations.

I will return in the future for certain

Cathy S.


Testimonial Cathy smith
Testimonial Cathy smith