Liposuction Cancún


To the Medical Vacations Team,

I don’t think there are words to describe the exceptional service and care I received before, during, and after my abdominal liposuction. Just to share a few details of my experience: I was greeted at the airport, met with the cardiologist for routine EKG and medical history review, met with the surgeon, who was patient, reassuring and answered all my questions.

Then I was taken to the lab for blood work and lastly to the beautiful hotel that was one of the recommendations from the team.

the next morning my escort picked me up and took me to the best hospital in town ( I was told by locals) where the surgeon, anesthesia, and  hospital internist, greeted , meet, explained the process, answered questions and appeared excited for me.

All went very well, I woke up in recovery with moderate pain that was immediately addressed + managed. I spent the rest of the week, going on tours, partying + enjoying sitting by the pool and beach.

I will definitively return between for another procedure and highly recommend this service to anyone interested in plastic surgery abroad.

In the USA, You hear a lot of negative advertising about surgery  abroad, I’m sure there is some truth to some of it, but if you want a good out come and you are willing to do the work to make sure you’re in the best possible condition for plastic surgery and willing to do the work to maintain the result after, then My Medical Vacations is definitely the company to choose.

They don’t work with anyone or everyone only the best DR. and will let you know if you are a good candidate for any procedure.

They will also let you know if they think you don’t need something like my thigh lift. I appreciated the surgeon letting me know a little exercise wanted give me the some results if not better lastly the nurse visited me EVERY DAY!! It made me feel support and cared for and not abandoned.



“…I don’t think there are words to describe the exceptional service and care I received before, during, and after my abdominal liposuction…”

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