Linda ryan testimonial

Linda Ryan Testimonial – Full Face Lift – Australia

January 25, 2023

Here I am, on day 10 of my journey to Cancun and in a place where I am totally happy glowing and very grateful.

My journey to Cancun began in Australia via New York. I am 60 years old and have experienced many challenges over the past 5 years. I went through a divorce, a family crisis and more decided to take a year’s sabbatical in New York City. I have finished that year by feeling my long-Held wish to transform my face and restore it to a youthful version that matches how I feel inside.

I have had surgery in Australia + Europe but decided this time to visit Cancun for the surgery

My initial foray into researching who could help me was immediately met by MMV and the delightful Alejandra!

I had made inquiries with a few companies and the responses (or lack of) were not at a professional level. However, the immediate response from MMV with a WhatsApp videocall from Alejandra, gave me a sense of reassurance that I was doing the right thing. Every question I asked of Alejandra was answered promptly and if she did not have an answer immediately answered, she was able to give me information the next hour or next day.

My trip to Cancun went smoothly and I was picked up promptly at the airport. All my pre-Op investigations were arranged for me and that first day I met Ana, My nurse, Kary my consultant, and Alejandra.

My consultation with Dr. Valdez put all of my anxieties to rest, as an initial critical care nurse; I had very definite questions and concerns regarding the surgery. Dr Valdez immediately impressed me with his manner, his professionalism, his medical knowledge of his ability to explain the instructions of the surgery. He asked my opinions and preference and I was thoroughly impressed and reassured.

My post- op journey was one of mixed emotions and physical and emotional recovery.

I was profoundly Impressed by the transformation and meticulous details applied to my surgery by Dr. Valdez (I cannot thank him enough ) of my pain (minimal) and discomfort post – Op was managed properly by the expertise of Ana (and the medication prescribed) Ana was kind professional and thorough in her care.

She cared for my suture lines and gave advice and also drove me to the stores to get craft supplies.

During this recovery time I received attention and kindness from not only Ana, but Alejandra and Kary.

I appreciated all the details such as complimentary massages trips to the store of always reassuring words.

Special thanks to Alejandra for my Kettle and coffee mug and her sweet nature. She is a true asset.

Thank you MMV. Linda Ryan.

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