Facelift Procedure in Mexico

With the growing age, the skin of the face starts to lose its firmness. The skin becomes saggy. The skin folds appear all around the face. Precisely, the shape of your face is just lost. It happens because of growing age, the elastic effect of the skin is lost another reason that it loses as well it gains some fat over the different parts of the face. The solution if this ailment is Facelift procedure. You can get the best facelift surgery in Mexico. As plastic surgeons in Mexico are highly trained and certified. Let us have brief exposure to Facelift surgery.

What is the Purpose of Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery is done to slow down or reverse the aging effect on the face of the patient. It is the best possible way to get the younger look back.  According to some surgeons, facelift surgery makes a person look 10-15 years younger than the current age.

What is the of Facelift Procedure?

Before the surgery, the patent is prepared for the procedure. Medications and previous surgeries of the patient are inquired. A thorough examination is done and the record is kept. The medicines are reviewed which are already being taken by the patient. Then the surgeon takes photographs of the face of the patient. Which determines the structure of your bones and the characteristics of the subject’s skin. Then the complications and expectations are discussed between the subject and the surgeon.

At the time of the procedure, Anesthesia is given to the patient and he is made numb. Small incisions are made in the hairline and ears. Then the skin is redistributed and the fat is removed. The incisions are then dressed.

Right after this procedure, the subject may feel some pain or swelling of the incisions, which is quite normal. It goes away with time. But in case of severity in pain, short breathiness, and increased heartbeats, it must be treated as a medical emergency.

How much Time does Facelift Surgery take?

Facelift surgery may take between 120 to 240 minutes. Depending upon the complications.

What at the risks in Facelift Surgery?

It’s a common observation that a patient may face some anesthesia complications like nausea or vomiting, which is quite normal. Excessive bleeding is also noticed in routine during Facelift surgery. While the patient may face other infections, cardiac problems, or swelling according to his previous medical condition or as the side effect of some medication.

What are the precautions after the Facelift Surgery?

After the facelift surgery, the patient must take prescribed medications, the incisions must be properly cleaned and dressed so the wounds don’t get infected. A regular follow up must be done. It takes about 15 days for recovery after facelift surgery. So, regular activities can be resumed after 15 days.

How much does Facelift Procedure Cost in Mexico?

Facelift surgery is quite cheaper in Mexico. But it’s quality is exceptionally good. Thanks to the healthcare services providers of Mexico. It costs about $4500 to $6000. This is about 50% lesser than in American and European hospitals.