While normally a very skeptical person who does extensive research about any medical facility and doctor this was not the case this time. From the moment I spoke with Katie. I was put at ease, there was no hard sell. She patiently and thoroughly answered my questions.

After I decided to move forward with Lipo + BBL, Betty took over all the coordination and logistics a true professional and a gem! Again no worries about the legitimacy of the medical establishment or the skill of the doctor, from the moment I arrived in Mexico and met Betty it felt like we know each other for years, she is terrific.

Dr. Torres performed my surgery. He has a gentle touch and takes his time. If you are looking for something unusual or non-aesthetic he is not your guy. But if you did like a doctor who considers your body structure and what’s right for you, he is a good match.

Ana was my nurse amazing she came to visit me every day to ensure I was healing well Ana not only took me to my checkups but went beyond and helped we run “ tourist errands “ as well

After my last visit with Dr. Torres while still swollen and bruised I know I will be back. Not just for other procedures, but also to see whom I now consider my new friends.

Thank you, Un abrazo


From Washington .D.C.


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