Tips for Facelift post op recovery

5 Tips for Facelift Post-Op Recovery

For many of us, a Facelift is the most exciting procedure to undergo. We look great, more youthful, contoured, and get a brighter face than ever, and we love it! Many people also experience the procedure, and many want to, but the thing that matters is “recovery”. How will you get recovery? How long will the pain and swelling last?

Dental implants cancun

Dental Implants in Cancun

Dentists in Cancun offer reliable dental implant procedures. The procedure is, however, characterized into two categories. Some people need simple implants, while some need zygomatic implants, bone grafting, or extensive work. Prices may be variable depending on the type of procedure required. At Cancun, we provide you with the most affordable rates than in any other country.

health checkups women cancun

Health Checkups for Women in Cancun

Every woman should manage some time for body checkups. Routinely visiting the doctor is more important for a woman than a man these days. However, the woman’s body is delicate but is vulnerable, sensitive, and has a lot of complicated systems and processes going on. A woman’s body needs a lot more care. In the atmosphere,


PET scan in Mexico

Over time, Mexico has become one of the great providers of medical procedures and therapies globally, and PET scan is one of those advanced procedures. There’s no denying that Mexico has turned into a home of thousands of clinics, hospitals, and dispensaries that have been sprawling in the country. The equipment, machinery, and advanced way to the surgical procedures make Mexico a leader in medical tourism.

Breast implants removal in Cancun

Breast implants removal in Cancun

Breast augmentation with implants looks exceptionally enchanting but you may hit a point here the implants should be removed. There are countless reasons for doing this ranging from medical to aesthetic. We will be discussing the reason afterwards.

Breast implants removal surgery is the surgery performed to remove the implants. You should have a proper discussion with your plastic surgeon before getting into the surgery.

Patient concierge in charge of all logistics

Patient concierge: in charge of all logistics!

Patient concierge service is the program designed by the hospitals to provide non medical care to the patient. The hospitals are here to provide medical care, but the feeling of being cared for is sometimes missed. This reduces the patient satisfaction rate. To cope up with this deficiency hospitals invest in patient centered programs. Patient concierge service is also a patient centered program.