Mommy Makeover Testimonial from Las Vegas Nevada, USA

My experience here in Cancun was absolutely amazing! Ana, my nurse, took care of all my daily cares.

Betty,my concierge, welcomed me and made sure all my necessary documents were in order and assisted me with the whole process.

Andres, my initial contact got me all set up with information on how to get a passport on such short notice.

Dr. Velasco was brilliant and succeeded in making all of my dreams come true. I have a beautiful shape, flat stomach, and lifted breasts. The labiaplasty was a success in making me look and feel younger.

I even had my hemorrhoids removed, all for a very reasonable cost. I look and feel pretty again.Thanks goes out to all those at My Medical Vacations for helping this become a
reality. I got to shop and rest and go home looking brand new.

Cheryl L. F.


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