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PET Scan Available in Cancun

With advances in science and medical technology, doctors in Cancun now have more tools at their disposal for detecting and diagnosing cancer of various types than ever before. While many have heard of MRIs, CAT scans, and x-rays, the PET Scan is a very useful tool that actually shows more detail than the other diagnostic tools.

Positron Emission Tomography or PET is a non-invasive test that creates a nuclear image of any body part such as the lung or heart. It’s used in mapping of the brain and heart functioning with the analysis of the blood which flows in these regions helping in evaluating and studying the myocardial infarction and ischemia effects on patients after the cardiac surgery. It is also used in determining management protocol for brain abnormalities, disorders in central nervous system and seizures. To do so, a radioactive tracer also known as radionuclides are injected in the blood. Once the tracer mixes with the blood, it is taken up the muscles and into the organ like the heart. The technique produces a three-dimensional, or 3D, image or picture of the functional processes in the body. The PET system detects pairs of gamma rays that are emitted indirectly by a positron-emitting radionuclide, or tracer, which is introduced into the body just before the test. The images developed by the test, including images of tracer concentration, are then reconstructed by computer analysis in a three-dimensional view. In the latest scanners, the reconstruction is frequently produced with the assistance of a CT X-ray scan that is performed on the patient during the same test as the PET scan in the same machine even. The scan determines if the heart is healthy or not by showing the flow of blood. For example, narrowed arteries or dead cells from a previous heart attack can be diagnosed using a PET scan.

However, detecting cancer is not the sole use of PET scans. Other uses include tracing the flow of blood through the system to detect areas of impaired flow, as well as detected areas of the brain that are not functioning properly. Research of the normal function of the brain also uses PET scans, because the scan shows which parts of the brain are most active as the research subject performs a particular task.

Different countries of the world have different rates of PET scans. In Cancun for medical tourism, a full body PET scan will cost 1/3rd of what it costs in USA and other countries. Since the conception of PET scan in Cancun, this new innovation has proven to be an important tool in the battle against cancer. Thanks to clearer and more aligned images, radiologists can better pinpoint cancerous cells, helping oncologists to target radiation therapy directly on cancerous cells. More precise radiation therapy means less radiation exposure to surrounding, healthy tissues, which lowers side effects of radiation therapy.

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