Planning Your Recovery through Medical Tourism

If you are planning a trip abroad for healthcare, you need to know the four stages: planning, enjoying the vacation, undergoing the treatment, and finally the follow ups. One of the reasons why you should go for recovery through medical tourism is that the holiday will maximize the effectiveness of the procedure and the recovery rate will be much faster.


Planning is the first step, and it is important that you consult the doctor and let them know about your plans, so that they can advise you regarding important matters like how long your aftercare will be. It is suggested that you hire a medical tourism facilitator so that they can assist you with all the procedures. If you are going alone, make sure that you provide your family with the emergency contact details and all the details about the trip.

Holiday before the Treatment

Some people prefer enjoying the holiday before the treatment, especially if they are undergoing physically taxing surgeries like a gastric bypass, bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery , or sex assignment surgery. One advantage of taking a holiday before the surgery is that you will get time to prepare yourself mentally. Furthermore, if you are going through a major surgical procedure, it is possible that you will have limited physical activity after the procedure.

It is recommended that you enjoy your vacation near the location where you will get your surgery done because travelling a lot will be exhausting for you. Other than this, certain procedures require you to go for a pre-surgery so that they can do a complete checkup and can guide you about the sort of procedure you can expect on the day of your surgery.

Holiday after the Treatment

If you are opting for a relatively minor surgery like a detox program, cosmetic treatment or a dermatology procedure, you will be able to have a great vacation afterwards. For such procedures, you should schedule the appointment at least two days after you land at the destination so that you have the time to get accustomed to the procedure afterwards. One advantage of taking the holiday after the procedure is that you will have ample time to recover and have fun.


It is important to go for a follow up procedure after the treatment irrespective of whether you had a vacation before or after the procedure. If you had your vacation before the surgery, it is recommended that you spend your days in quiet resort until you can fly back home. If you had hired a medical tourist agent before you have left your destination or after you have reached home, so that can be sure that all the necessary documents to your treatment has been received by your provider from overseas.

It is important that you do proper research and planning because medical tourism means that you will be enjoying the vacation as well as undergo a treatment procedure. Hopefully, these tips will help you out. Good luck!

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