Cosmetic surgeries medical tourism mexico

Cosmetic surgeries made easier with medical tourism in Mexico

Imagine how incredible it would be if we could retain our youthfulness for an exceptionally long period of time without dealing with fine lines, jowls and wrinkles.

In spite of the promising claims of all sunscreens, beauty lotions, anti-aging creams and fat removal products, our body undergoes several changes with time which cause a dip in its aesthetic appeal.

Board Certified Surgeons in Mexico

Board Certified Surgeons in Mexico

Have you ever wondered where you could get a plastic and reconstructive surgery vacation packages or medical vacations where you can save up to 70% in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, while you get treated by the best certified surgeons in the best hospital in the area? There are several options for people looking for [...]
Save Money Opt For Medical Tourism In Mexico

Save Some Money On Treatments and Opt For Medical Tourism In Mexico

Nowadays when travelling abroad is considerably less expensive and more advantageous contrasted with the condition that was 10 years back and with the simultaneous advancement of technology in medical science, medical tourism has turned out to be even more of a need, as a result of its practicality, than a luxury that only a few [...]

Seeking Vaginoplasty in Mexico? You Are Finally At the Right Place

A form of genitoplasty, vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to construct or reconstruct the vagina. Also referred to as posterior colporrhaphy and vaginal tightening, vaginoplasty is a plastic surgical procedure that takes around two hours to accomplish. During the surgery, repair of the relaxed vaginal muscles and tissues, including anything stretched or torn,


Patient: Darwish Abdi

Procedure: menton implant


My name is Darwish from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After many months of researching medical tourism, I made the decision to follow thru with My Medical Vacations in Cancun.

From start to finish, all was smooth. The team they have in place at My Medical Vacations is beyond exemplary.

Mini Facelift and Hair Restoration Testimonial from Tennesee, USA

From the very first contact I had with MyMedical Vacations (Katie), via the MyMedical Vacations website portal, was so helpful.
Katie’s professionalism, punctuality in responding to requests, questions, and her knowledge of all to do with the procedures and the area was beyond exemplary. Katie also provided information and contacts required for hotel arrangements.