Janice Dunkel

Tummy Tuck, Idaho, USA

This is my second trip down to see Dr. Valdez using My Medical Vacations, I underwent and abdominoplasty, I have previous experience with MMV to undergo a breast augmentation, like the first time MMV did not fail; they fully provided a full VIP support package for one low price

I was picked up from the airport upon arrival and taken to my condo, the following day MMV picked me up and took me to all of my Dr. Appts. They also took me to my surgery and had a nurse Ana; check on me every day at the condo bring me my medications, change bandage take me to follow up Dr. appts.

The cost I paid included everything from the surgery, 1 night in the hospital, nursing care, Dr Visit, medications and transportation

I would highly recommend My Medical Vacations to anyone considering surgery abroad; they make sure that every need is taken care of for one price. They do and excellent job of providing 5 stars care.

It is the reason why I chose them for a 2nd time, if I have to have any other surgeries I will most definitely use them again, when looking for a service such a this there is NO other option because My Medical Vacations is TRULY the best choice, and there is no need to look any further

Thank you

Jani Dunkel

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