Tummy Tuck And Liposculpture Cancún


img_4067Hello my name is Tracey Levesque. I am from northern Maine in the USA. I had done some extensive research on the internet about abdominoplasty. I wanted to know all the pros and cons. I had two separate consultations on the phone as well as in person from two different doctors from two different parts of my state. Then I figured I had nothing to lose and I called My Medical Vacations. The first person I had contact with was Alex. I had a million questions and she answered them all. If she didn’t have an answer right them, she got back to me the same day if not within minutes. I spoke with her for months while making my decision. she was always so very patient with me. She was incredibly informative. she had me completely prepared for what I was about to sign up for.

Betty was my patient concierge, she brought me to all my appointments, as well as being there for my every physical and emotional need. She was always encouraging as well as gentle and patient with me. She checked in with me via messenger as well as in person.Ana was my sweet nurse, I was very  grateful to her, I never felt uncomfortable around her. She was also very gentle and patient, I saw her every single day. Dr. Sámano was very professional, but what makes him the best surgeon in that he is so down to earth and kind. I did’nt leave with drains or stitches, they make sure everything is taken care of before going home. At home I would have gotten sent home the next dry with drains and stitches and no nurse!

I was even visited over the weekend by Alex and the owner Andres. Who does that! Owners don’t go visiting? they all genuinely care for the patients. this whole organization is incredibly professional and everyone said oven and over that is I needed anything no  matten the time of day to let them know.

I absolutely made the right decision and I´d  do it all over again!


Tracey Levesque

Maine, USA

“…. At home I would have gotten sent home the next dry with drains and stitches and no nurse!…”