Understanding the Hip Replacement and Finding the Best Rate Abroad

Why Is Hip Replacement Carried Out?

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure that is carried out if a hip is so damaged that it can’t function normally without causing a lot of pain. There are a number of different orthopedic conditions that can lead to hip replacement, which include osteonecrosis, arthritis, and tumor in the bones. The replacement may also be necessary if there is damage caused to the bone because of an injury.

What Happens In a Hip Replacement Surgery?

A hip replacement surgery is an irreversible and complex surgery that later requires medication and physical therapy. It is important you know that the surgery is not recommended for people with a weak immune system, people with cardiac issues, and people with Parkinson’s disease.

Cost of the Surgery

Since the surgery is a complex procedure, it is quite costly. It is important that you get a rough estimate before getting it so that you can get the deal. You may feel that you are not getting an accurate price, but that is because the surgery is influenced by a number of different factors, which is why it is hard to give an exact cost. Furthermore, the cost of the surgery differs in each country.

Cost of the Surgery in Different Countries

Hip replacement surgery is a detailed surgical procedure that can result in replacement joint failure if not done carefully. There are a few things that you need to take into account while looking at the prices that include the reputation of the clinic, and the experience if the surgeon. Furthermore, you should also take the cost of the aftercare, rehabilitation, medications, and the cost of physiotherapy into account before taking a step. Here is the cost of the surgery in different countries:

  • United Arab Emirates – $10,992
  • Turkey – $10,765
  • Germany – $7,979
  • Spain – $7,865
  • Poland – $6,814
  • Thailand – $5,647
  • Mexico – $2,589

Hip replacement in the United Arab Emirates

The price of the surgery starts from $10,992 and there are a few specialized hospitals in Abu Dhabi that cater to such patients. The customer satisfaction rate is high but of course that comes with a hefty price.

Hip replacement in Turkey

The cost of the hip replacement in Turkey is $10,765 on average and a lot of Europeans travel to the country to get the procedure done.

Hip replacement in Germany

The cost in Germany is $7,979 on average and there are great hospitals in all the major cities like Hamburg, Bern, Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin.

Hip replacement in Spain

The cost in Spain starts from $7,865 and there are great hospitals in Ibiza, Vigo, and Las Palmas.

Hip replacement in Poland

This is one of the cheapest spots in Europe for a hip replacement surgery and the country is home to great orthopedic specialists.

Hip replacement in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination and receives hundreds of Australian patients every year.

Hip replacement in Mexico

The cheapest destination for the procedure is Mexico that receives almost 500,000 patients every year, who visit the country for different medical procedures.

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