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5 Plastic Surgeries That Will Create A Stir In 2021

2020 was quite a dull year for everything. Especially, for the beauty industry. The lucrative and ever-buzzing beauty enhancement sector where the best plastic surgeries centers in Mexico and beyond would always be bustling with people was now left aloof. Now, that things have started rolling back to their own course, we have collected 5 plastic surgeries trends in this blog that became immensely popular in 2019 and the ones that will continue the trend.

Breast augmentation

Ladies cared about their valuable “assets” back then. And they will continue to do it now. However, with the growing awareness about the surgery and its requirements, more and more women are opting for teardrop implants rather than the fuller round implants so that the top part matches the natural shape of the breasts.


Experts have reported that more and more people will continue to opt for minimally invasive facelift treatments. In addition to this, people are also going for combination treatments that include the goodness of both surgeries as well as non-surgical treatments to achieve a more comprehensive treatment.

Lip enhancements

As per our plastic surgery expert in Cancun, Mexico, the growing demand for fuller lips is not away anywhere and is here to stay. Interestingly, this year will witness a higher demand for more natural-looking lip enhancements as well.

Liposuction and Body Enhancement

There’s a saying that goes like this, “God cannot be everywhere, so he sent the doctors with excellence and selflessness”. The surgical treatment that suctions fat from specific areas of the body to provide a slimmer silhouette continues to popular even now. Liposuction and other body modification methods including abdominoplasty, Brazilian buttock lift, and athletic abdominal HD lipo treatments will still be in demand.


The nose job is one of the classic beauty surgery methods that never go out of style. With facial surgeries making the trend, this list would have gone incomplete without the mention of the nose job. Rhinoplasty is a popular way to change the face and continues to gain a lot of popularity. Technological innovation continues to revive the procedure with dermal fillers and non-invasive treatment to reshape the nose.

2020 definitely stood as a test of time for many treatments and procedures. While some cosmetic trends faded off, some continued their legacy. Although it’s really hard to give sure-shot predictions, one thing’s for sure- people are definitely going for more and more minimalistic procedures and opting for elegant ways to keep their best look on.