6 Tips to Keep a Bright White Smile

As well as wanting a trim and fit looking body, increasing numbers of people are giving much more focus to a bright white smile as a finishing touch to looking buff.

A lot of people aim for a perfect smile with shiny white teeth like the movie stars have. Keeping your teeth white and bright can be a challenge because every day food and beverages can stain our teeth.

Some people spend a lot of money to have their teeth whitened and some prefer homemade remedies to ensure the brightness of their smile. It is inevitable that your teeth will fade naturally but there are preemptive strategies you can take to decrease the fading. Here are some tips for keeping a bright white smile:

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

The first, and most important tip, is to brush your teeth two to three times a day. Depending on your eating habits, some people brush even more than that because they brush after every meal.

Brushing the teeth after every meal and right before going to bed will help ensure that the dirt and debris is removed from the teeth, keeping them clean. Regular flossing will remove some of the staining factors from in between the teeth.

A good mouthwash will go a long way to maintaining the whiteness of teeth also. Not only will this keep your smile looking white, but it is also good for your oral hygiene and preventing cavities or tooth decay. A lot of toothpaste is now made with whitening elements, and some people make homemade paste with baking soda.

Avoid Stain-Causing Foods And Beverages

A lot of what we drink throughout the day can make our teeth stain and turn yellow. If you are a coffee drinker then you will most likely notice fading because it stains your teeth.

If you find it hard to wake up in the mornings without that first cup of brew, be sure to brush right after you finish drinking. A lot of caffeinated beverages also stain our teeth. If you like soda, try drinking clear sodas instead of cola colored ones. Red wine also triggers fading. If you are old enough to enjoy a glass, white is better for your teeth and will not stain or fade their color.

Rinse Your Mouth Thoroughly With Water

Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after every meal, if brushing or chewing gum is not an option. This is especially important if you do consume drinks that stain. The water will wash away and dilute the damage. If you can’t get to a bathroom sink, swill some water around your mouth and swallow.

Eat More of a Teeth-Friendly Diet

Fruits and vegetables are good for both your body and your teeth. Try to eat more crunchy fruits and vegetables such as apples carrots, celery, radishes, and peppers. Your teeth will benefit from the gentle rubbing actions that helps to keep the teeth clean without causing them any damage.

Healthy foods help your body keep tooth enamel strong, and strong teeth can better withstand staining. Some examples of teeth-friendly foods are apples, broccoli, kale, nuts, milk, cheese and chicken.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can add to micro-cracking in the teeth and can cause the biting edges to darken. This is usually caused by stress, so listening to relaxation sessions can actually help keep your teeth white.

Visit the Dentist Often

Another tip is to go to your dentist every six months for a cleaning. They can get your teeth looking a little whiter and often times use fluoride rinse to help whiten and protect your teeth. They have the tools to get your teeth cleaner than if you were to just brush regularly.

You can also discuss teeth whitening options with your dentist because they most likely offer whitening with a dental laser diode. The laser can whiten your teeth instantly. It is very important that you get routine check-ups with the dentist, who will keep you up-to-date with the condition of your teeth.

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