Breast implants removal in Cancun

Breast implants removal in Cancun

Breast augmentation with implants looks exceptionally enchanting but you may hit a point here the implants should be removed. There are countless reasons for doing this ranging from medical to aesthetic. We will be discussing the reason afterwards.

Breast implants removal surgery is the surgery performed to remove the implants. You should have a proper discussion with your plastic surgeon before getting into the surgery. You should discuss your reason, current condition and goals. Your breast will be examined after discussion and your doctor will plan your surgery.

Surgery starts with a general anesthesia, then the doctor gives an incision and removes the implants.the incision is then closed.

Reasons of removal :

There are numerous reasons for the removal. We are going to discuss the most common ones:

Wear and tear of breast implants:

Breast implants can not be carried for a lifetime. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,”breast implants should be removed or replaced after 10 to 15 years”.

Breast implants may rupture, this will result in spreading of implant material inside the body. It will eventually cause infection and other complications.

 Autoimmune response of the body:

Autoimmune response of the body will start forming antibodies against the implants. It will result in further complications.

Calcium deposition:

Sometimes the calcium starts depositing on the marginal tissues. It will start forming contractures that will be painful.


The tissues around the implants may start necrosis. The most common reason for necrosis is inadequate blood supply which leads to tissue death.

Different goals:

Preferences change with time.people may want a bigger cup size or they just don’t like the appearance of their breasts. The breast shape may change due to weight loss, pregnancy or some other factors.

Complication while removal:

The complications during the removal include infection, bleeding, fluid accumulation, scarring and nerve damage.


The average cost of breast implant removal surgery in European countries is $5000. In Cancun, it can be done for $3500.

Why should i opt for cancun:

Cancun is a country in Mexico, known for offering the best services in this regard. The dexterous doctors with budget friendly packages make heavenly combinations together. The highly competent environment encourages the doctors to improve themselves day by day. The skills of the doctors are unmatchable.

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