Testimonial Jessica Gray

Breast Implants + Vaser Max Liposuction with Microair from SK, CAN

Name: Jessica Grey

Procedure: Breast Implants + Vaser Liposuction

Country: SK, CAN


I had a wonderful experience with My Medical Vacations! Dr. Valdez and his team were so nice to work with. Everyone was very friendly and put me at ease.

I had a breast augmentation and lipo and I am so glad I chose to have it done, I travel solo and did not speak Spanish but that wasn’t an issue because of the great support I had before, during, and after my surgery. My nurse Ana was an amazing nurse, she answered all my questions and concern, she took me to my appointments, to get groceries, and to the bank, and took away any stress; she was funny, friendly, and professional. Her years of experience had made her excellent at her job.

Ana checked in on me daily and help me with things I could not do on my own. I am so grateful towards her. Carolina was very sweet and helped me coordinate everything I needed and was always friendly and warm!

My accommodation was perfect, cozy, and exactly what I needed.

All around I’m very grateful for this amazing team and I would recommend them, my result travel out better than I could have hoped!

Gray, Canada