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Mommy Makeover (Breast Lift + Breast Implant + Tummy Tuck + Liposuction + BBL), PA – USA

From the day, I showed intention in getting a Mommy Makeover I was contacted by My Medical Vacations with a friendly email going over the details of the procedure and the contact information

The phone calls and emails that we received after this were informative and friendly. They were able to answer any question that I had w to the procedures and professionalism of their staff.

Once I decided that this was the procedure for me, the ball got rolling, friendly emails were sent asking how I was doing and what detailed information was needed before I was to arrive.

Any and all questions when answered, the email that they set was detailed and seems to already knows what the patient was going to ask, as my date of arrival was getting close I had a minor hiccup I ended up needing an emergency gall bladder surgery and needed to postpone my trip.

I notified them right away and received an email letting me know that they hope I felt better and rescheduling wasn’t a problem. After my surgery, I received a phone call rather than an email, asking how I was feeling. This gesture made me feel more comfortable with My Medical Vacations and made me feel like they actually care.

My surgery was rescheduled for a few months later to make sure I was healing and safe to travel.

My husband and I arrived in Mexico; we were picked up at the airport and dropped off at the Medbnb which was located about 5 minutes away from about everything that we would need for our stay; The Medical real state agent guided us and gave us the keys, we had Wi-Fi, numerous applications on the television and a housekeeper.

All doctors’ appointments has appointments and tests were scheduled and transportation was provided as well as for the day of my surgery, a problem arose which for me it was my iron level, the staff made sure that I was kept informed and that it was decided what was the next step.

After I got my bloodwork done, Betty and Andres came to the Medbnb to discuss the options, everything was discussed and questions were answered, and the surgery was on.

Dr. Valdez was my surgeon, he performed a breast lift, breast implant, tummy tuck, liposuction and butt lift, from the first time I met him, he set my mind at a loss, he was knowledgeable and answered my questions.

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