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You hear the saying “if it seems too good to be true, it usually is “? Well, this experience was the exception!

Like most people I was very scared to come to a foreign country and all the risks that could entail, after all, there are so many scams, today everywhere! As I did my tireless YEAR of research, always something brought me back to this site.

I had a few consults in Canada and the cost was outrageous! $12000 for just a breast lift with implants. the cost here was more realistic to what I could afford, so much so, that I also added upper and lower blepharoplasty as it was something I also wanted for many years. I just turned 50! This is my story of the best decision I ever made for myself.

When I arrived with my husband, a driver was waiting for me with a sign with my name and very easy to find. He dropped me off at my hotel where we checked in got settled and within an hour, my concierge Aya met me to take us to get my blood work done. The next day my appointments for my EKG, consult with my surgeon Dr. Torres and finally once all test showed I was a safe candidate for the surgery, we proceeded with payment. My health and safety was always the top priority, the funds were the final of the day. All fears and concerns faded away once we (my husband and I) had all our questions addressed and Dr. Torres´s perfection was seen in the care he took with me. His methods are different from some but made the most sense especially the fact that his pride in his work showed with each fine detail he shared and recommended for the perfect result my husband felt very confident I was in the best possible hands.

Janin was there to translate any possible miscommunication although Dr. Torres does speak fair English. We had one day to relax and enjoy Cancun before my surgery I was very pleased with the extreme cleanliness of the hospital and extreme measures taken for disinfecting prior to surgery far more detailed than Canada! I liked the fact I was not given the typical Anesthesia routinely use in Canada which can cause so many risks and complications. Instead epidural and sedation was combined. When I awoke I felt rested instead of drugged. I felt great…. Watched 2 hours of TV ate and watched some more. I had no pain post op NONE!

Of course, surgery is not painless and I did have minimal and easily controlled pain following in the next days but nothing like I have experienced in the past Dr. Torres take such care not to over manipulate the tissues which I believe minimized my pain and sped up recovery. I was walking out for dinner 2 days later!

During my hospital stay, I had 24-hour nurse care and total pampering form all the staff but Ana was my personal nurse and also became a very trusted friend with my daily visits and care she even took me shopping!  My husband had to return to work 2 days after surgery but I never felt alone. Aya, Janin and Ana were always just a text away and visited often, took me for anything I needed or just answered a question about local stores. Ana even helped order pizza for delivery.

The owner Andres is also very involved in each and every patient. He truly cares about your health and safety like nothing I have ever seen in this industry! The little things that mean so much:  on my last day Andres took me to experience his favorite local Yucatan restaurant which was a true delight! Something I would never learn about on my own as well as a little historic drive through old town Cancun.

I know my story is long because I cannot stress enough what a wonderful experience I had and how thrilled I am with the healing process and RESULTS. I am already planning my next trip.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For your professionalism, attentiveness, perfection but mostly for your friendship. If you want superior service, treatment and RESULTS  My Medical Vacations will ensure you receive it and your health is #1. I recommend the 100% one thousand times over and you will too.

Connie  White Whitman

British columbia Canada