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Cataract Surgery in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most trending medical tourism destinations. Amid having the best healthcare facilities at considerably cheaper prices. Cancun is the first choice for everyone seeking the best treatments. Enjoying the beauty of nature along with the treatment makes it fun for the patient.

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is defined as the clouding of the lens. This clouding causes blurriness and makes the demise of the vision. A cataract is an issue that needs to be treated immediately. If the cataract is not treated at the right time, then it may lead to permanent vision loss aka blindness.

What are the Causes of a Cataract?

  • A past injury is the most common cause of a cataract.
  • Excessive use of the medicines or usage of expired medicines may also cause this ailment.
  • Prolonged infections or swelling may also be the reason behind the cataract.
  • Cataract has also been observed in diabetic patients.

How can a Cataract be cured?

A cataract is cured by different methods. But cataract surgery is considered are the most reliable mean. As it is done immediately without any pain.

How cataract surgery is done?

For Cataract Surgery, anesthesia is given to the patient with the help of eye drops or a syringe. The eyes become impassive. If the patient can’t stay calm then General Anesthesia is given. Then the surgery starts. The total time taken for the surgery is not more than 30 minutes. The patient is not supposed to be admitted, rather he is free to go. But it’s prohibited for the patient to drive.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of the Cataract Surgery?

It’s a universal rule that a thing carrying a lot of benefits may carry drawbacks too. Let’s discuss one by one.


  • The vision of the patient is improved miraculously.
  • The glare decreases and the patient feels more comfortable and confident.
  • The blurriness in the vision because of cataracts eradicates.
  • Peripheral vision and depth perception is improved because of cataract surgery.
  • As the vision improves so the patient is not dependant on anyone for his jobs like driving and other daily routine tasks.


  • The patient after having Cataract surgery may face inflammation in the eye.
  • The patient may face sensitivity to the light but this is temporary.
  •  Macular edema is also noticed in some of the patients.
  • This procedure is expensive. So we recommend you to go to Cancun for this procedure.

What is the cost of this Cataract Surgery?

In the United States of America, Cataract surgery costs about Thirty-Five Hundred Dollars ($3500) per eye. While in Cancun the average cost of Cataract Surgery is Two Thousand Dollars ($2000).  The average price in Cancun is $1500 lesser than that of the United States of America, which is 43% lesser than the cost in the United States of America.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend you to go Cancun for cataract surgery. As it is cheaper and better. Even it is recommended by most Americans.