For several years I have wanted a body that looked good. I lost 100 pounds and felt like the weight loss ruined my body because now instead of being fat I had all this extra skin and sagging. I hated to get undressed anywhere near a mirror, even though I was a size four. Swimsuits consisted of shorts and t-shirts. It has been 5 years since I lost the weight so I finally decided to get surgery.  I chose My Medical Vacation because of the friendly and knowledgeable staff and very well trained and certified Dr. Sámano. And the Dentist. I am so absolutely pleased with Everyone. Katie is awesome she set everything up. Even set up a last minute consultation with a dentist. Betty was there for everything. She drove me to all my appointments, drove me to airport, checked up on me and I now call her my friend.  To have someone make the appointments and do all the driving took away any worry of how to get somewhere and if I could find it. What she does is so helpful. All I had to do was relax and heal. She took care of the rest. My nurse Ana came to my home daily. Helped me shower, checked on my incisions, helped me into those compression garments.  By the way. if anyone getting an arm lift. turn the sleeve until you find a comfortable position that it won’t cut into your skin. it took me days to realize it doesn’t have to hurt if put on a certain way. Ana washed my hair and even combed out tangles and French braided my hair. She is an awesome nurse. I am also a nurse so I know what good care is and she provided excellent care.  I have a suggestion or two.  MAKE sure to bring several ice packs. They will become your best friend. No matter how much you want to lay flat or on your side. DO NOT DO IT. not for two weeks. And wear your compressions stockings. The first night my face compression came off and I laid flat for maybe 2 hours. That caused my face to swell. the pressure was horrible.  there is a reason for the things they tell you.  I also had a dental consult for implants. I ended up with a 4 in 1 implant with permanent fixed dentures. OMG I love it.  in the morning I’m thinking…uggg I have to go put my teeth in. Then remembered Oh no I don’t. they are already there. They don’t move, no yucky paste. Those who did my teeth are the best. 

Thank you My Medical vacation Team and all the drs, dentists, nurses and staff. I appreciate every one of you.

Oh yeah.  Making your stay a 3 week venture is my suggestion because it allows you time to heal, relax and be sure when you go home you will have no problems.  I love my new body.


“…. I chose My Medical Vacation because of the friendly and knowledgeable staff and very well trained. I am so absolutely pleased with Everyone. I love my new body…”

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  1. Trayceda

    It has now been a month. I am still very pleased. I still get exhausted quickly. But I was sedentary for a month. Of course I get tired too easy. I’m drinking plenty of water, eating good and slowing increasing my activity level and rest when I need to. I am so happy with my results. Even though the first 5 days I questioned myself “omg, what did I get myself into” I am so glad I did it.

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