Trista Lush

Extended Tummy Tuck from AB ,CAN

Name: Trista Lush

I can´t say enough nice things about the team at MMV, from the very first contact with Alejandra, I was always spoken to with such respect and she answered all of my questions. The entire team worked extremely hard to ensure I was taken care of, from organizing all my required appointments to the daily care of needs during recovery.

MMV took care of all and kept me informed along the way. My nurse, Marlen was amazing! She made me feel so much better each day just by being there to help when needed and answer all the questions a first-time patient like me had. Marlen was sensitive and very professional but pleasant to talk to as well.

I am glad I had the team at MMV for this experience, I could not have done it without them! Dr. Valdez was also incredible, and highly recommend.