3rd VISIT Cancún


So far, sooo good!!!

Even though it’s too early to see how the actual surgery itself will turn out fully, I can certainly tell you about the company: My Medical Vacations

After owning businesses myself for 30 years, I’m more aware of customer service than the average person, BUT they’ve exceeded my expectations.
Everything about this concept is great… From the price to the amazing service & tropical paradise, you can’t get all this anywhere else. Do you still think the US is better at everything? Think again!

I originally looked for a surgeon in the US, but after the huge economy crash I just couldn’t afford to pay those ridiculously high prices. Then when I started looking in other countries myself, I ran into huge language and doctor reply barriers. It would have taken me years to complete this whole process myself. That’s where medical facilitators like “my medical vacations” come into play. They got me set up with my surgery the exact week that I could only take off work. Everything imaginable has been included… They drive me everywhere I need to go, translate for me, and even set me up with a prescription drug we don’t have in the US! And if all of that wasn’t enough, I was so pleased to find out the nurse they send to my hotel daily is absolutely beautiful to see 🙂

So again, even though I can’t tell you yet how my final surgical results will be, I simply cannot give this company a higher rating! Thank you to everyone involved (Alex, Betty, Ana, Victor, etc…)


“I simply cannot give this company a higher rating! Thank you to everyone involved…”

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